White Oak Advisors specializes in helping employers turn employee benefits into corporate assets.

Your retirement plan should be working for you, not the other way around.

Forward-thinking companies recognize that benefit plans can be harnessed as a corporate asset instead of being seen as a financial liability. This requires more than a change in perspective; it requires a fundamental understanding of your business’s corporate strategies and the ability to design a comprehensive benefits package that pushes you closer to your goals.

At White Oak Advisors, our decades of experience in the financial and retirement industry mean that we’re uniquely equipped to help you build and maintain retirement plans that fit in as an integral part of your corporate strategy. We also specialize in investment oversight and benchmarking, giving you the benefit of impartial oversight of your plan’s effectiveness.

By partnering with White Oak Advisors, you’re getting more than benefit plan and investment consulting. You’re partnering with an outsourced Chief Retirement Officer who knows your unique workforce, your unique goals, and has the expertise to help you and your employees move toward increased financial security.

Retirement plan consulting

With nearly 100 years of experience spread among our practice leaders, White Oak Advisors' specialty is helping employers maximize their benefit plan efficiency and effectiveness.


We've designed a unique process to help you measure built-in workforce liabilities.  With knowledge comes power: we offset these liabilities with optimized plan designs to match your organizational strategy.

investment consulting

Your plan is only as effective as the utilization of your plan and the thoughtful use of its investments.  We offer investment consulting to make sure you’re getting, long-term, the most out of your investments.