Turn your liability into an asset.

Tired of viewing your retirement plan as just another expense?  We are, too.

Retirement plans take time and resources to manage.  And as the modern marketplace grows and changes, it can be hard to know if your retirement plan is efficient, or even compliant.

As qualified retirement plan consultants with decades of experience, White Oak Advisors offers a comprehensive range of services for all types and code sections of both Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit retirement plans.  We provide you with:

—The knowledge and specialized expertise to help you meet and manage your fiduciary responsibilities.

—Informed and impartial guidance to drive prudent and strategic decision making.

—An industry-wide perspective that can leverage your time and negotiating power with your financial providers.

—Use of behavioral finance practices to help improve plan participant engagement.

—Solutions to increase employee engagement and help improve your employees’ financial futures.

Whether you simply need to conduct a plan provider search or want to overhaul your whole retirement benefits package, White Oak Advisors can give you the expertise you need to move forward with confidence.

Our Outsourced CRO Approach

Most organizations do not have and are unfamiliar with the position of Chief Retirement Officer (CRO). At larger organizations that are fortunate to have them, the Chief Retirement Officer (CRO) is in charge of directly overseeing benefit programs, turning a company’s benefits package from an additional corporate expense into an optimized asset that can help facilitate corporate strategy. From negotiating with plan providers to communicating with plan participants, the CRO is a dedicated business liaison.

Most organizations have limited resources to commit to managing their retirement programs, leaving them to rely upon outside consultants for project and ongoing specialty work without any specific coordination between the consulting parties. Throw in your own human resources department and their work load, and it becomes clear that centralized direction and watchful oversight could save your company time and money, as well as give your employees a clear understanding of the importance of their retirement planning.

Every business is unique in its short and long-term strategy goals, which is why we at White Oak Advisors want to partner with our clients as an outsourced CRO. Using data and analytics to measure the correlation between your organization’s benefit offerings and your employees’ retirement readiness, we’ll help to maximize the efficiency of your specific retirement benefits. We can manage the risk of duplicitous or irrelevant projects and benefits by taking a traditionally “lazy” corporate asset and repositioning its purpose within your organization. By maximizing the CRO’s potential to motivate and off-board employees on time and on their terms, we can help you create sustainable futures for your employees and your company on an ongoing basis.

Built in-house with employers in mind


Your retirement plan comes with built-in liabilities: your employees.  As your workforce ages, associated benefit costs continue to climb.  And without the tools to measure the true human capital expense, you can’t confidently improve plan effectiveness.

Using our unique WhiteOa Process, we are able to quantify that liability, effectively measure human capital expense, and offset workforce-associated costs in a way that lines up with your corporate goals.

This isn’t something that came out of a kit; this is a process carefully crafted by our professionals to give you the foresight you need to make the best decisions for your organization.

If you can’t measure human capital expense, you can’t fix it.  We can measure it, and we have the solutions to fix it.